The Secret of the Old Willow Tree and Other Stories | Chrissie Ship | Book Review

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The Secret of the Old Willow Tree and Other Stories | Chrissie Ship | Children’s Book Recommendation

  • Author: Chrissie Ship
  • Publisher :ShieldCrest Publishing (27 September 2020)
  • Print length: 21 pages
  • Language: English


The Secret of the Old Willow Tree and Other Stories by Chrissie Ship is a collection of short stories focused on imagination and creativity. This short book becomes an excellent gift for children as the four stories introduce them to much-needed wisdom.

Even though I am a fully-grown adult, a children’s book still warms up my heart. The stories in this book are majorly focused around pandemic. We would agree that lockdown has been hard on all of us. Children were not spared either. In fact, they might have found it very hard to cope with living at home all day long when all they want is to go out and play.

Olivia and…

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Become Wise or Wounded – The flowering of human potential by Anthony Dunne

Coming soon, Become Wise or Wounded, a new title from author Anthony Dunne. Anthony helps you to take a look at your life journey and provides you with the necessary tools to transform yourself in the present stressful society, helping you to deal with the daily tasks by providing coping skills.

Title due out May 2020!

Freddie The Spider Goes Flying & Freddie The Spider Goes to the Seaside by Ruth Emanuel

We are delighted to have Ruth Emanuel on board, Ruth has written several of her Freddie the Spider series and has come to ShieldCrest with her latest offerings.

We are very pleased to announce the launch of above two titles which are now available on Amazon and your local book stores:


Freddie the Spider Goes Flying Synopsis: Having had his breakfast Freddie the Spider decided to go out for a walk where he meets Percival the pigeon, follow them on their adventure as they take to the skies.

This beautifully illustrated book will have your children hooked on the Freddie the Spider series of books.



Freddie the Spider Goes to the Seaside Synopsis: Freddie the Spider and his friend Lilly the Ladybird hear Mrs Brown talking toPg4 the children about a trip to the seaside. They straightaway decide they would like to join them on the adventure. Follow their adventures as Freddie the Lilly embark on their trip.

Another beautifully illustrated book, your children will be hooked on the Freddie the Spider series of books.


Order you copies now through our website, Amazon or your local bookstore.

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3 Simple Book Marketing Strategies For Self-Published Authors.

Whether you are wanting to self publish a book that earns big, or just wanting your work to be read by as many people as possible a great marketing strategy can connect you with your target audience and have a dramatic effect on sales and growth. In this article we will cover a few simple, yet effective strategies that may lead you down a path of great success.

1. Social Media

In an increasingly modern society social media is the backbone of how we stay connected. It is therefore vital that you make the most of the ability to directly communicate with your target audience.

A great start would be to set up an author page on Facebook, and accounts with Twitter and Instagram. Once made you will be able to communicate freely, and build relationships with new, or returning readers. By following the most popular hashtags, and engaging in personalised interactions on posts you will begin to make a long list of authentic connections.

2. Attend Book Festivals

This is a great way to to personally interact with your growing audience. Using techniques such as creating a digital trailer, you will be able to convert avid readers in to first time buyers of your book.

3. Give Access To Your Audience

People don’t necessarily always want more content from you, they may in fact want more access to you. By engaging with your audience and providing them with more access to yourself you should begin to see increase in book sales.

An example of giving your audience access to yourself would be offering people who bought a certain amount of books, or pre-ordered your book access to a live stream Q&A with yourself.

These 3 strategies aim to give you a brief introduction to book marketing, and to understand that connectivity and communication is fundamental part of marketing your book. With this information you will hopefully be on your way to discovering many new ways to promote your book and connect with your audience.

Looking for help with self-publishing? check out our website here:

Now available! Claudia Felecan’s “Save Yourself”

Author picWe love it when we have a first time author who we know will do well.

Claudia Gabriela Felecan’s ‘Save Yourself’ reaches out to readers who may be facing their darkest depths of despair, with a bold message that through understanding and forgiveness, they can thrive against all odds.

Calling on the author’s own early life in an ex-communist country where doctrines were rife, the book encourages readers to open their hearts and receive boundless love in return.

In short, it will change anyone’s life.

9781912505579Her book is now available at:

  • ShieldCrest Publishing  – Here
  • ShieldCrest Authors WebPage – Here
  • Amazon Books – Paperback – Here
  • Amazon Kindle – eBook – Here
  • Waterstones – Paperback – Here
  • Kobo – eBook – Here




ShieldCrest do it again!………Best Book and Magazine Publishers 2018

Not only have we topped the FreeIndex list of over 200 UK publishers for the last 8 years  but we’ve now been awarded the Best Book & Magazine Publishers for 2018 by the SME Southern Enterprise Awards.  See link here

With our dedicated team we have satisfied hundreds of new and experienced authors from all over the world. With authors from UK, Australia, South America, United States, Canada, Russia and throughout Europe and we have recently published our first book from an Icelandic author.

Whereas we always try hard to please and do our best to make our authors successful, it is always nice when it is not only appreciated by our authors but also those from outside the industry.

Our range of books is second to none and includes children’s books, medical, business, historical, biographical, fictional novels and we’re not afraid to publish books on controversial issues such as castigating bank’s conduct and political controversies including Brexit.

Together with our comprehensive range of post-publishing marketing services, we are confident we stand the best chance of making authors successful. We demonstrate this further by investing in part of the cost which gives them the confidence that we also have a vested interest in the success of their book.

For more about us and our range of services click the logo below;



“The Ninth Step” – Our first book from an Icelandic author – And what a belter!

Ingvi Þór Kormáksson is an award winning author based in Reykjavik and his book  “The Ninth Step” is a story about Egill and an unnamed narrator, two men who knew each other as teens.  Their paths cross once again when Egill confides in his old friend years later. Recent events in Egill’s life are weighing heavily upon his heart and his story is fraught with revenge, forgiveness, and a series of mysterious deaths.9781912505555

His book is already receiving good reviews in the UK and received the following accolades in his home country:

“Ingvi Þór Kormaksson’s book, The Ninth Step, deals with murder, violence, and revenge, as well as the reality of life in Iceland and intertwining fates.”

Morgunblaðið, daily newspaper

 “Exciting story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.”
Stundin magazine

“It’s an exciting revenge story with an unexpected ending.”

Vikan magazine

“An exciting and well-told story that grabs a hold of the reader. The plot threads diverge widely and as the story progresses, it becomes clear that perhaps very little is what it seems.”

-Edda Jóhannsdóttir, Journalist

“An enjoyable and rather peculiar story.”

-Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir, Literary Scholar

“A good story and well-written.”

-Marteinn Þórsson, Film Director

To purchase this masterpiece:

  • ShieldCrest Publishing  – Here
  • ShieldCrest Authors WebPage – Here
  • Amazon Books – Paperback – Here
  • Amazon Kindle – eBook – Here
  • Waterstones – Paperback – Here
  • Kobo – eBook – Here

Congratulations to our author Colin Jaque for receiving recognition for his book, “Striving For Perfection”!

Colin’s research into Egyptian history and his correction of previously held beliefs resulted in his book “Striving for Perfection” which has now been recognised in the USA.

MidWest Book reviews requested a copy and may offer it as a prize in a competition.  This is what they had to say:

Striving for Perfection
Colin Jaque
Shieldcrest Publishing Ltd
9781911090779, $11.99, PB, 148pp,

Synopsis: For 2,500 years academics and historians had concluded that Ramesses II was the Pharaoh of the Exodus account when the Israelites left Egypt. But there was no evidence in support of that theory and every reason to disbelieve it, which led to the observation that the whole story was just a myth.

“Striving for Perfection” by Colin Jaque takes a new look at the historical events and, using all the information available from the Bible and Egyptian record in order to now show what actually happened and when it occurred.

“Striving for Perfection” covers the social, economic and religious concerns that led to the enslavement of the Israelites and the belittling by Moses who goaded a weak and worthless Pharaoh (who was thrust onto the throne by his vicious and dictatorial predecessor) to his eventual death.

“Striving for Perfection” brings alive the Bible story from Joseph to Moses fitting perfectly with the best knowledge we have of the 18th Dynasty Monarchs of Ancient Egypt and goes to proving the truth that the Exodus did take place enabling a date to be put to this crucial event.

Critique: Impressively researched, organized and presented, “Striving for Perfection” is extraordinarily informative with a thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ accessability that will be appreciated by both academia and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject. While especially and unreservedly recommended for community, college, and university library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Striving for Perfection” is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $4.99).”

Our congratulations to Colin for well deserved recognition.

To purchase Colin’s book:

  • ShieldCrest Publishing  – Here
  • ShieldCrest Authors WebPage – Here
  • Amazon Books – Paperback – Here
  • Amazon Kindle – eBook – Here
  • Waterstones – Paperback – Here
  • Kobo – eBook – Here

Save Yourself by Claudia Gabriela Felecan

New title from first time author Claudia Gabriela Felecan; Claudia came to the UK from an ex-communist country with a childhood filled with doctrines and fears. In her book she wants to pass on the message that no matter what you go through, it is important to show understanding and forgiveness, in order to move forward.

Synopsis: Everyone has their own path to take and from the beginning life should unfold 9781912505579with support and guidance but, unfortunately, for various reasons, some do not have that privilege. We all have to make the best we can of life and succeed through our own inner strength. The message this book is intended to convey is that you should never give up on yourself, even if everyone else does, because only you are your best friend. From the moment you give yourself a chance, you will discover true friends and people who believe in you. Against all odds they will give you wings to fly to places where your soul will flourish and you will learn to love yourself.

The book is available via our website, on Amazon and through your local bookstore.

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