“Point of No Return” by Ethan Ross. Anti-Terrorist Thriller Uncovers SAS Operative’s Fierce Hidden Agenda…

Ethan Ross’s ‘Point of No Return’ is an intense, vivid and gripping thriller that is the result


of hundreds of hours of research into anti-terrorist military operations. While fiction, it reads like a documentary – as a British SAS soldier is tasked with forming an anti-terrorist taskforce. However, Jack Copeland has other ideas…

The systematic destruction of several key US diplomatic installations in the Middle East by a ruthless terrorist campaign and the kidnapping of Charles Perez, the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, forced the President to act. Jack Copeland is former British SAS now employed by the Americans to spearhead the anti-terrorist group ‘Scorpion’. The rescue mission cost lives, and Copeland realised that he was losing the support of the very people who had placed him in this position.

He had a hidden agenda that he knew needed the support and approval of his Commander-in-Chief, the President of the USA; he also knew that in order for the plan to succeed, there was one other person to whom he needed to turn.

The story is based on the author’s vast experience in the military and personal security.

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ISBN 9781912505098


A beautiful story beautifully illustrated – “Noah! Can I have a Kiss?” by Phillippa Bailey


Phillippa’s book is based on her own children and is a beautiful story about a little brother owl who knows his big sister loves him very much. She hugs and kisses him every day. But Noah runs away, he thinks it’s just a game.

One day, his sister goes away and he misses her so very much and when she returns, they both realise just how special they are to each other.

This is a heartwarming tale of the loving bond between two siblings which has been beautifully  illustrated.

Author pic - new - to use in book - cropped


Phillippa kisses her children every day and believes that kissing is a meaningful and natural expression of love. She wanted to capture the beauty of this in a story that both children and parents could enjoy.


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ISBN 9781911090755


“The Song Of Life – 100 Random Poems” by Peyush Gurung

Introducing a new book from young author and poet Peyush Gurung, The Song Of Life – 100 Random Poems.2017-04-19 Front Cover

This is the 100 random poems
Read this book there’ll be no Problems
Once you open the book you’ll sense Good omens
All original poems Made of the same hand
Which sounds unbelievable?
But it s not that hard
You just need Emotion, creativity and positivity
Because you can’t make anything in the world Without it


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“The Spade” by John Maris

Introducing the new title from author John Maris, The Spade, the story of an alert member of the public who had his life and that of his family changed 9781911090656having notified the police of the whereabouts of the hideout of the Great Train Robbers.

Within days his notoriety had spread worldwide and this began years of constant pressure, physical threats to him and his family, trauma and anxiety.

He had to take precautions at work in the hope of preventing an attack whilst working alone.

Because of his careful detail in the evidence which he gave at the trial he was subjected to an attempt to frame him on a charge of perjury.

Eventually he pondered the question, If a similar situation arose, would he act in the same way?

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New Book from Author Ted Roudelle

Following the success of the X-rated I Blame Alfie! & the sequal I Blame Sophie!  Ted Roudelle’s third book is on its way, I Blame Lisa! is to be released imminently.

Having charted his foray in to the world of online dating in the first of his books, Ted carried on with his search for ‘Mrs Right’ in his second book, the conclusion of which he met his future partner, Lisa.

I Blame Lisa! starts at the wedding and charts the first year of life together with Lisa in a story that is worthy of a TV series, to give you a clue as to what is to come in this book, the sub-title to this next chapter in Ted’s life is “…For attempted murder, mayhem and mob rule on a caravan site in the royal town of Windsor”.

To be released  in the next few days, watch this space!

Lance Thackeray – His Life & Art

Introducing the new title from archivist and researcher Tom Askey, his new book “Lance Thackeray His Life & Art”.

Lance Thackeray 1867-1916 is known as a designer of humorous postcards whose wit and9781911090151 elegance have never been surpassed.

He was far more than that. In his short lifetime he produced sketches, pastel drawings and watercolours of great skill and beauty, now seldom seen.

Had he lived to old age he would surely have become a major English artist. Sadly he died during the First World War.

Sociable yet self-effacing, he has eluded wider recognition. A bachelor leaving few personal traces, no full account of his life and art has previously appeared. In his centenary year this book is timely.

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Essential Names & Places In The Bible Made Clearer – Prof Sydney Ugwunna

Introducing the second title “Essential Names & Places In the Bible Made Clearer” from The Venerable Sydney C. Ugwunna, M.A., M.Div., Ph.D. in association with Esther C. Ugwunna, B.Sc., M.A.,.

Sources of information for this Compilation are primarily the Holy Bible, Old and New 2016-05-04 Front CoverTestaments, Authorized King James Version. No other references or bibliography are listed in this Compilation except those directly from the Bible. All important references and quotations come from the Bible.

Secondary sources are Seminars held, in the course of many years, by many world renowned Biblical Scholars from many parts of the world, in which the Editors of this Compilation (Dr. Sydney and Esther Ugwunna) participated.

Other sources include oral conversations between many Biblical Scholars from many nations and Dr. Sydney Ugwunna.

Extremely important sources were also derived from the writings of the world renowned Theologian and Bible scholar, Dr. Gilbert James Brett.

Thus, this book is simply a compilation and editorial work (by Dr. Sydney and Mrs. Esther Ugwunna), of works already in existence. They are not claiming authorship. This Compilation, therefore, is not an original work, in that sense.

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Other title by the Author here

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