“The Ninth Step” – Our first book from an Icelandic author – And what a belter!

Ingvi Þór Kormáksson is an award winning author based in Reykjavik and his book  “The Ninth Step” is a story about Egill and an unnamed narrator, two men who knew each other as teens.  Their paths cross once again when Egill confides in his old friend years later. Recent events in Egill’s life are weighing heavily upon his heart and his story is fraught with revenge, forgiveness, and a series of mysterious deaths.9781912505555

His book is already receiving good reviews in the UK and received the following accolades in his home country:

“Ingvi Þór Kormaksson’s book, The Ninth Step, deals with murder, violence, and revenge, as well as the reality of life in Iceland and intertwining fates.”

Morgunblaðið, daily newspaper

 “Exciting story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.”
Stundin magazine

“It’s an exciting revenge story with an unexpected ending.”

Vikan magazine

“An exciting and well-told story that grabs a hold of the reader. The plot threads diverge widely and as the story progresses, it becomes clear that perhaps very little is what it seems.”

-Edda Jóhannsdóttir, Journalist

“An enjoyable and rather peculiar story.”

-Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir, Literary Scholar

“A good story and well-written.”

-Marteinn Þórsson, Film Director

To purchase this masterpiece:

  • ShieldCrest Publishing  – Here
  • ShieldCrest Authors WebPage – Here
  • Amazon Books – Paperback – Here
  • Amazon Kindle – eBook – Here
  • Waterstones – Paperback – Here
  • Kobo – eBook – Here

Book Reviews On The Web

So, you have finished reading your latest book and you want to choose the next read, how do you go about it?

There are a host of Book review websites out there where avid readers share there views on their latest read, choose your genre and off you go.

So, as an Author, there are opportunities out there, take a look at these websites, a lot of them will allow you to upload your book and get it reviewed.

If there is one thing to be sure of your going to get a mixed bag of reviews, the old adage, “you can please some of the people some of the time, but never all the people all the time”.

So get going, get uploading and get some good honest reviews, even criticism can be a positive thing if viewed correctly.

The following are a small list of such sites, it’s always worth taking a look!

Independent Bookshop
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