Now available! Claudia Felecan’s “Save Yourself”

Author picWe love it when we have a first time author who we know will do well.

Claudia Gabriela Felecan’s ‘Save Yourself’ reaches out to readers who may be facing their darkest depths of despair, with a bold message that through understanding and forgiveness, they can thrive against all odds.

Calling on the author’s own early life in an ex-communist country where doctrines were rife, the book encourages readers to open their hearts and receive boundless love in return.

In short, it will change anyone’s life.

9781912505579Her book is now available at:

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Announcing our newest author; Marcus Culverwell, with his new book; ‘Would God Go Shopping?’

A devout Christian, the reason Marcus has written this book is because he believes there is an everyday activity in which Christians in the developed world engage, which is so normal to us and yet in many ways it is completely at odds with the teachings of Jesus. Therefore, in this area of our lives he believes we live out of step with God’s will for his children.

A thought provoking book for those who believe in leading their lives as true Christians.

The Prejudged – Lynne D.M. Noble

Introducing a new title from author Lynne D.M. Noble, “The Prejudged” available now.

This autobiographical account records events that unfolded during the particularly dynamic cultural revolution of the fifties, sixties and early seventies.9781910176788

This was the post-war era when the Church slowly began to lose its influence over the day-to-day life of ordinary folk.

Furthermore, Dr Spock’s ideas about childcare began to encourage parents to be less rigid and more affectionate with their children and to treat them as individuals.

This contrasted with the authoritarian style of parenting which had hitherto demanded absolute obedience and offered little, if any, affection.  Such parenting was and is often based on a false understanding of what Christianity is all about and, at its worse, can be abusive.

The book is intended to stimulate reflection on why overt abuse is accepted and tolerated, but goes unreported.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the majority of my relatives, friends and neighbours had expressed concern at the physical and emotional abuse I had suffered; and yet none ‘wanted to interfere.’

What mechanisms were in play there?

Is this still as likely to happen today and, if not, what has changed?

And could the conditions which led to a culture that tolerated abuse ever return?

For more information and to order your copy of this book click Here.

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