Wings – Susan Owers

We have the pleasure of announcing the new title from Susan Owers, Wings is a fantasy musical written and composed by Susan Owers, a successful music teacher and pianist. Wings follows her evocative best-selling piano solo book ‘Visions’, was published in early 2017.

Four apprentice faeries await the winter solstice naming ceremony, where they will each2018-10-24 - Front Cover receive a new name and position within the glen. Lily, Rose and Ivy can hardly wait; but Holly, who is struggling with the idea of change, is rebelling.

In her dreams, Holly finds herself in a grey woodland, where she is spoken to and soothed by a deep, rasping voice. This male presence engages her curiosity, and she is led into dangerous, forbidden territory. Arietta, still grieving from the loss of her mother two years earlier, finds solace in writing and playing her own music. Holly, seeking respite from recent angst and frustrations, is drawn to the human girl and her music. An unusual link between Holly and Arietta begins, which courts unwelcome attention . . . and possible tragedy.

Wings is a musical novella, which includes sheet music for fifteen easy to intermediate piano solos. There is also a beautiful solo, arranged for voice and piano accompaniment. The sheet music will interest pianists of all ages. And for those readers who are not musicians, there are downloads of the relevant pieces.

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Poetics – Book Of 100 Poems – Glynn Sinclare

Introducing the new poetry book from Glynn Sinclare, Poetics – Book Of 100 Poems, writen by Glynn Sinclare and illustrated by Limmerick based artists as well as some of Glynn’s own works.

Book Synopsis:

I am very proud of the fact that I am a Limerick Poet and Author of the Emigrants,9781912505265 written under my “nom de plume”Glynn Sinclare.
Three Limerick Artist all lived at one time or another on Farranshone (my road) in Limerick City. Each of them gave permission to add a copy of their painting in black and white to go with one of my poems.
Kate Hennessy, a Classmate of mine at the Salesian Convent. The nuns were the first to discover her talent. Her work can be found at Kate Hennessy
Myra Rielly, a renowned Limerick Artist. Her work can be purchased at
Joyce Shee, who floats between the Burren County Clare and Limerick City. Her art can be found Joyce Shee
Filipino artist Marichit S Garcia. A catalogue of her art project number 348.64-5 can be found at Brooklyn Art Library.
I am very grateful to them all.
The painting on the cover is by Joyce Shee, her interpretation of a photo she once saw, I fell in love with it. It stirs memories of a date. Going to the cinema on a rainy Limerick night, passing the railing of my grandfathers house in Pery Square.
These poems are dredged from some spaces deep within my brain and heart.

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Fanny And Victorian Jack – Lynne DM Noble

Introducing Fanny and Victorian Jack, the first book from Lynne DM Noble from her new series of children’s books. The book is illustrated by her husband Michael Hutchinson.


Fanny and Victorian Jack is the first of a series of books written especially for children.9781912505135 Fanny has Asperger’s syndrome and is passionate about nature. Jack appears from Victorian London and shows Fanny a world of poverty and hardship that she could never have envisaged.

Fanny desperately wants to help Jack and his family find a way out of the poverty they are in. Hesitatingly, she begins to explore what she can do to help but not before tragedy strikes Jack’s family. Fanny found that it is the things that we often throw away that became the most useful in helping Jack and his family. Along the way, Fanny finds herself transported into the slums of London and she learns first-hand about the reality of life for the Victorian Poor.

This book can be read alone by confident readers and provides insight into an age which is very different from ours. It is useful for aiding understanding in school projects on this era. Younger readers may like to read this with an adult as it is written to aid discussion and increase a child’s understanding of how the past has affected the age we are living in now. The story is intended to extend and develop a child’s vocabulary.

Finally, the story is designed to raise awareness of some of the challenges of living with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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‘Secrets, Lies and Lust’ by Melanie Silverton soon to be released

Erotic storyteller Melanie Silverton has written six short stories of forbidden desires and steamy scenes of passion, lust and risk which we have compiled into a book entitled; ‘Secrets, Lies and Lust’.

From dangerous liaisons behind the bars of a maximum security prison, to the almost
unimaginably daring rendezvous in an Italian doctor’s consulting room or even the
principal’s office in a high school.

Her stories will keep you turning the pages as your heart rate quickens. providing a must read for anyone who enjoys a good story line with a very generous dose of erotica.

Coming soon!  Subscribe to this blog and keep a watch for more details.

ShieldCrest Range Of Services – Part 7 Book Illustration

If you require illustrations for your book, ShieldCrest are here to assist and can provide a complete book illustration service.  These range from children’s story illustration,  cartoon characters to pictorials and cover design.  Pictures can be black & white, sketches or full colour.

We understand that illustrations can be a very personal thing, for this reason we select from our range of illustrators so that we can transform your ideas into reality.

Your descriptions and ideas will be translated by different illustrators in different ways and the results can go either way so we will provide examples of work from chosen illustrators who we believe will best suit your requirement and match the manuscript style.

For more information and some examples please click here

Please also see this example here

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Rob And Bob in Connie’s Crime

Introducing “Rob and Bob in Connie’s Crime”, a play by Tanweer Akhter, illustrations by Lauren Ayres.

Connie is a little 10 year old girl who steals wherever she goes and she carries with her Akhter - RRCRa big blue bag in which she puts all her stolen goods.

Whether she robs a sweet shop or a toy store makes no difference; she is keen to get whatever she wants at any cost.

When she visits her Uncle Rob at his house unexpectedly, he is not too happy to see her after receiving a letter telling him she was on her way.

As soon as she arrives she quickly settles in but things are not what they seem.

Once Connie arrives, things go missing and there’s chaos everywhere.

Bob, her uncle Robs lodger, gets blamed, then the neighbour’s cat goes missing. What will happen next?

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