Burning Obsession – Vernon Rodgers

Introducing the second of two books published by Vernon Rodgers with ShieldCrest Publishing, Burning Obsession.


On his way to be sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit, Jack Milburn, for some9781911090892 inexplicable reason, purchases a lottery ticket. Days later, in the prison television room, he discovers the ticket is the winner of a major prize, possibly even the jackpot, although there are other winners. The ticket being in his wallet when he was sent down, the only way to retrieve it is by his wife collecting it when she visits. This she does. On her next visit she informs him there was only an old ticket in the wallet when she collected it from the desk. He trusts her. Why wouldn’t he? He certainly can’t trust his fellow inmates and probably not most of the prison guards. Who has the ticket? Where are their winnings? How long will it take and how far must he go before, if ever, he can recover them?

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The Missing Key – Sally Grigg

Introducing a new ebook “The Missing Key” by author Sally Grigg.9781910176351

There are all kinds of keys: Keys to a chest or a cupboard or the front door.

There are keys to a family secret or a lost history.

There are keys to anger or love or the psychology of a person.

Once you find the key things are never the same again.

Some people prefer to keep the door locked the secret kept.

Other times a key will help to find a way forward. Which is it? And which key is it?

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New Book from Author Sally Grigg

Just a quick note to announce a new eBook from author Sally Grigg, watch out for the new title “The Missing Key”.

eBook is expected to be launched around late October 2014.

More information to follow.