“Hindsights” by Oren Hammerquist is a fierce speculative thriller which embroils readers in sci-fi-led psychic world.

9781911090762American author, Oren Hammerquist’s ‘Hindsights’ is a speculative thriller and twists everything up into an adventure that will have readers reaching far for the actual truth. In this society, psychics and their work have become commonplace, yet one former child prodigy is struggling to the core to find his place in the world.

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ISBN 9781911090762

“Controlling the Beast Within” by Julie Evans now available

Being married to Ethan was going to be
anything but the normal quiet life Kat wanted.
Things had changed in more ways than one
and she loved it.
Things were looking good until they got back
from their honeymoon to find an invitation to
the reopening of the one place they both hoped
they would never see again.
Although Ethan would like nothing more than
for Kat to reconnect with her mother, he hoped
like hell she wouldn’t as it could only lead to
The problem was Kat’s mother is a vampire
and the mate of Antoine, Kieran’s brother and
former owner of Crimsons Moon.

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Official Press Release – It’s All In the Mind – Aileen – Bill Shanks

Bill Shanks - IAITMAIt’s All In The Mind – Aileen: UK Author Breaks New Sci-Fi Ground with Warfare-less, Out-of-this-World Fishing Trip Novel!

 Bill Shanks has long loved everything about Science Fiction, but grew tired of books that only focused on warfare and violence. Inspired to break the mould, Shanks has produced a light-hearted and highly-engrossing novel that sees one man seek solace from a runaway wife by spending the night fishing. But that’s when the story stops being normal…

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United Kingdom – While millions live for Sci-Fi, many critics blame the genre for its over-reliance on violence, war and the over-done battles between good and evil. Bill Shanks shared these frustrations and, with no trend-bucking novels in sight, he set out to create his own.

The result is ‘It’s All In The Mind – Aileen’, which is based around…well…a fishing trip! But don’t get confused, the narrative still boasts everything that makes Science Fiction great, just with a new twist that only Shanks could have thought up.


Rab is a middle aged, and successful design engineer, but at home he is rather spoilt by his beautiful and competent wife, who governs all things domestic. When Liz appears to have done a runner, Rab childishly follows suit by embarking, alone, on an overnight, albeit illegal, fishing trip to the world famous River Tweed, in the Scottish Borders Region.

There he encounters an unseen alien, who appears to commandeer every aspect of his life, setting him unannounced tests, but at the same time guiding him through them.

“You don’t see too many Sci-Fi novels that bring aliens to Earth for reasons other than overthrowing humanity or looking to infect the planet with some kind of destructive parasite. These mundane recycled concepts get a bit tiresome,” explains Shanks. “This story is almost innocent in its premise and hugely-entertaining in how it plays out. There isn’t one drop of blood, threat of violence or attempt to take over the planet – just a pragmatic and controlling alien who likes to dominate!”

Continuing, “It’s a fairly short read at just over two-hundred pages, again going against the grain of thousand-page-plus novels that spin readers around and around in the same direction with little originality. This is perfect for the commute to work or that weekend when it’s too rainy to go fishing. When you do get back out there…watch out for that alien!”

Shanks is aware that the market may take a while to warm to his style, but it’ a change he believes the Sci-Fi community will welcome.

“I know that others are crying out for wholly-unique new stories so, while my work doesn’t initially appear to fit the grand design of Science Fiction, over time it will certainly be breathing the fresh air people are looking to embrace,” he adds.

‘It’s All In The Mind – Aileen’, from ShieldCrest, is available now: Here

For more information, visit the publisher’s website: Here

About the Author:

Born in Edinburgh, he was raised and educated in Bonnyrigg. After serving nine years in the Royal Navy, he studied engineering whilst working for numerous companies in Central Scotland.

He always wanted to write a feasible, amusing and light-hearted Sci-Fi story which did not include any kind of warfare or violence. He says: “After all, who would want to take over a planet after the human race had ruined it?”