Yoga for Asthma & Chronic Bronchitis – Dr Rajinder K. Sood

We have pleasure in introducing a new title from Dr Rajinder Sood, a former ear nose and throat consultant with the British National Health Service who has been practising, studying and teaching yoga for over 25 years.

This book comes complete with a DVD with a 4 week step by step plan.

There is a growing universal interest in yoga and the reason for this is obvious. The 9781912505470factory and the office worker, the housewife, the business executive, the student and the teacher have all found yoga to be useful in their daily lives. The root of most of our problems, according to yoga, lies in the lack of balance between the inner and outer beings. Yoga is a way of bringing about perfect harmony in mental and physical activity. Yoga practices have proved to be of great help in the management of conditions like asthma, hypertension, sleep disorders, diabetes, stress and many more.

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Right Back At You: Being Human in a Simulated Universe – Steve O’Grady

Introducing a new title, Right Back At You by author and Oxford University Press Bioscience Award winner Steve O’Grady.

Right back at you holds a magnifying glass to the mysteries of our minds, exploring how our human minds are immersed in simulation because the universe is a simulation. Fight your fear of death, banish ghosts and see your reflection in a mirror in a brand new light. mind your language when you speak of mental-illness and face your fears of infection and disease. Scrutinising stars, understanding black holes, challenging superheroes, decoding consciousness and awakening from our dreams are equally important steps on the journey. Referencing tv shows, movies, science journals, comic books, art and literature, the book examines why our conflicts with ourselves create who we really are.

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The Smell Of Apricots and other stories – Dominic O’Sullivan

Introduction The Smell Of Apricots a collection of short stories, the new title from seasoned author Dominic O’Sullivan. In 2009 Dominic published his first collection of short stories ‘Swifts’ of which the title story was performed as a play in the Chocolate Factory, North London. A number of the short stories, New Wave, Birdsong, A Dash of Soda, Undercover, The Open Window, Portal and Dreams, have been performed at the ADC and Boathouse Theatre, Cambridge as part of their annual season of monologues, duologues and short plays.


How about a trip to confession?9781912505081

What’s happening in both sides of Germany?

A trip to the coast could perhaps change your life. And why have bird impressions suddenly become popular?

All is revealed in this varied collection of short stories. In this collection ‘Elemental’ was performed at The Black Hostelry in Ely in May 2018.

Available now.

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“I’m Not Mad” – A heart rending personal account of the effects of schizophrenia by Nicola Mearns

The early release of this book attracted a great deal of attention as it deals with the effects of mental illness on the individual and his/her family.

In “I’m Not Mad”, the author, Nicola Mearns, provides a mother’s account of her son’s childhood, the onset of his mental illness and his suicide attempt. It also describes in detail the devastating effect it had on the lives of the family.

It is a MUST READ for anyone facing the same problems.

Nicola introduces the book:

“Your son has jumped off a bridge,” a nurse said. Cover - Front

These few words will remain with me forever.

I was relieved to learn that, in time, he would recover from his injuries but saddened to know that he would never be free from his mental illness.

I have always enjoyed reading books but it had never crossed my mind to write one myself, so following the devastating news that my son had sustained horrific injuries due to jumping off a bridge in an attempted suicide, I began to write an account of the incident as a therapeutic exercise. Since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, the past few years have been a challenge for all of us. Nathan is fortunate in having a family who love and care about him but there are so many people suffering from a mental illness who are alone.

Being a parent is probably one of the hardest but equally, one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. You try to guide your offspring to make good choices in life without interfering too much, but for some, no matter what you say, they will choose the path which you may not like.

I’ll never really know what brought on Nathan’s mental illness; maybe he was always predisposed to develop it and with the stress of not having a job and starting to smoke cannabis this may have been the trigger for him to develop schizophrenia. One in four people have, or will develop, a mental illness in varying degrees during their lifetime, it is therefore important to look for the signs and seek help quickly even if those concerned do not recognise it themselves.

There are and will be highs and lows along the way but with the support from the rest of my family, we will do all we can to support Nathan with his awful mental illness. I am extremely proud to call Nathan ‘My Son’.

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Rock’n’Roll Russia! – Richard Hume

We welcome a new author to the ShieldCrest portfolio.

Announcing the new title, Rock’n’Roll Russia! from Richard Hume, a self-confessed British Teddy boy who organises free rock’n’roll concerts and dance classes in Moscow, Russia where he now lives and works.

Book is expected to be released beginning of October, eBook will follow.

The most definitive account of World War 1 ever told. Written by Lawrence Brodley whose grandfather was the first soldier to ever win the Military Cross

“A Soldier Of The Empire Volume 1 1867-1919” has been acclaimed by the families of Lord Haig as the most descriptive account of what it was like to participate in the action of WW1.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Hammett MBA (Retd) said; If you have room for only one book on WW1 on your shelves, then this is the one to have.”

Written by his grandson, Lawrence Brodley, his book is a previously untold and partly autobiographical history of SSM (1st Class) Ben Lawrence Brodley Front CoverBadcock MC. ASC. and the inauguration and award of “The First MC”

Ben’s story, much of it in his own words, provides insights into 19th/20th century army life such as no other soldier had.

Sixth child of ten, Ben was born to the bugle on Mt. Troodos, Cyprus, in 1880.

But Ben’s medals tell their own tale: Ladysmith in the Boer War; two World Wars; and finally “The Cold War.”

In each he (or his sons/grandsons) would be decorated: his MC; “mentions;” “Croix de Guerre” and ” Legion d’Honneur,” being his reward for “patient endurance” in WW1.

The book has attracted the following high profile reviews:

“I would like to say how moving I found your book. Your inscription about my father and its charming wording were most meaningful and I will treasure this book.”
The late 2nd Lord Haig of Bemersyde

  “Your splendid books form a unique record, especially the account of the award of the Military Cross.”
Sir David Dain, KCVO; CMG – Former HM Ambassador to Cyprus

 “Altogether this is a very valuable work which the Imperial War Museum, historians and Cranfield, I think would be very glad to read.
….. Ben was clearly a real hero of his time.”
Sir Roger Carrick, KCMG; MVO – Former Diplomat and High Commissioner to Australia

If you have room for only one book on WW1 on your shelves, then this is the one to have.”
Lieutenant Colonel Paul Hammett MBA (Retd)

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New Book from New Author Les Burgess

Coming soon, Recollections of Paros and the Greek Islands – Poems and Past Memories, the revamped version of Les Burgess’s book first published in July 2013.

With an additional 70 pages of Poems, pictures and memories of the Greek Islands.

Publish date expected late October, early November.