Poetics – Book Of 100 Poems – Glynn Sinclare

Introducing the new poetry book from Glynn Sinclare, Poetics – Book Of 100 Poems, writen by Glynn Sinclare and illustrated by Limmerick based artists as well as some of Glynn’s own works.

Book Synopsis:

I am very proud of the fact that I am a Limerick Poet and Author of the Emigrants,9781912505265 written under my “nom de plume”Glynn Sinclare.
Three Limerick Artist all lived at one time or another on Farranshone (my road) in Limerick City. Each of them gave permission to add a copy of their painting in black and white to go with one of my poems.
Kate Hennessy, a Classmate of mine at the Salesian Convent. The nuns were the first to discover her talent. Her work can be found at Kate Hennessy Fineartamerica.com
Myra Rielly, a renowned Limerick Artist. Her work can be purchased at fineartamerica.com
Joyce Shee, who floats between the Burren County Clare and Limerick City. Her art can be found Joyce Shee Russellgallery.net
Filipino artist Marichit S Garcia. A catalogue of her art project number 348.64-5 can be found at Brooklyn Art Library.
I am very grateful to them all.
The painting on the cover is by Joyce Shee, her interpretation of a photo she once saw, I fell in love with it. It stirs memories of a date. Going to the cinema on a rainy Limerick night, passing the railing of my grandfathers house in Pery Square.
These poems are dredged from some spaces deep within my brain and heart.

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New book coming soon – The Smell of Apricots by Dominic O’Sullivan

Another gem from short story writer Dominic O’Sullivan, this will be his 5th book published through ShieldCrest Publishing, one of which was a poetry book.

It follows in the footsteps of Icarus In Reverse, Undercover & Other Stories, Staircase To Heaven, and his book of poems, Shippea Hill.

Several stories from Dominic’s work have been performed on stage at the ADC Theatre Cambridge and Chocolate Factory in North London.

This new book The Smell Of Apricots is due for release in the next couple of weeks.

“The Song Of Life – 100 Random Poems” by Peyush Gurung

Introducing a new book from young author and poet Peyush Gurung, The Song Of Life – 100 Random Poems.2017-04-19 Front Cover

This is the 100 random poems
Read this book there’ll be no Problems
Once you open the book you’ll sense Good omens
All original poems Made of the same hand
Which sounds unbelievable?
But it s not that hard
You just need Emotion, creativity and positivity
Because you can’t make anything in the world Without it


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New Book from New Author Les Burgess

Coming soon, Recollections of Paros and the Greek Islands – Poems and Past Memories, the revamped version of Les Burgess’s book first published in July 2013.

With an additional 70 pages of Poems, pictures and memories of the Greek Islands.

Publish date expected late October, early November.



Introducing the second book from Vietnameese author and poet Nhà Thơ

Tôi đã yêu và sẽ mãi yêu em vô bờ bến. Không gian vẫn còn cách trở nhưng tình tôi đã 9781910176955thấm đẫm vào thơ, những vần thơ đậm mãi dấu yêu.Từng ngày qua, tôi gói những vần thơ yêu thương vào gió để gởi về bên ấy cho em.Tôi trải lên thơ nỗi lòng của mình, len lỏi qua màn sương sớm đến tận buổi hoàng hôn trên từng con phố cổ. London mờ ảo giữa màn đêm u tịch là lúc tiếng lòng tôi thổn thức và bồi hồi nhớ em. Tôi không sợ chông gai trên đường đời và cuộc sống tôi phủ đầy sương gió. Tôi không ngại thời gian chờ đợi.

Tôi chỉ là một thi nhân khờ khạo , luôn tin vào tình yêu của chúng ta và tên em đã khắc sâu vào đáy tim nồng cháy.Tôi tin vào ngày mai , vào cuộc đời tươi sáng, Tôi tin vào đôi vòng tay tình yêu vững chắc sẽ bền chặt cùng em…

” Đậm mãi dấu yêu ” là tập thơ tình lãng mạn của người viễn xứ xin trao về em.

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Another New Vietnamese Poetry Book from Author Tran Dinh Cau

We are delighted to announce that Tran Dinh Cau, author of Nung Niu Nua Di Em has just requested us to publish his second book, Đậm Mãi Dấu Yêu, again it will be complete with an audio CD.

Watch out for the new title that should be available at the end of September, beginning of October.

More information to follow.

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Nung Niu Nua Di Em + CD by Dinh Cau Tran

Introducing our first foreign language poetry book, the book is produced in Vietnamese and includes a music CD, the book is entitled Nung Niu Nua Di Em by Vietnamese poet Dinh Cau Tran.

Chieu chom buoc vao dong, cai lanh nhe len vao trong toi. London quyen ru mo mo duoi Front Cover With CDmang suong mong. Sau buoi lam viec , toi voi buoc ve nha de doc lai nhung van tho cua mot hinh bong xa ma toi moi gap may ngay qua. Nang la ai ma sao tho nang say me den la, khien tim toi rung dong dat dao? De phai ra ngan vao ngo. Oi, tho nang that la, lang man ma chan tinh, em diu lai dam say, chan tinh ma ngot ngao vung dai… La Thi Nhan toi muon ve chan dung nang tern nhung dong tho hoang hon tim…. Toi khong uong ruou ma sao toi ngay ngat. Nhung dong tho cu nhe nhang tuon chay. Toi viet, toi viet khi long toi mai nhung nho tha thiet ve nang, luc ma man dem co doc hien hien hinh bong nang hien ve voi nu cuoi chin mong doi moi. Toi viet khi thanh pho len den, khi London tinh tu duoi anh den mau diem ao. Toi chi thay nang, tim toi keu gao theo gio tern dong song Thames lung lo troi. Toi gom ca ngan sao ve ket tern mai toc nang thoang thoang huong bay . Toi viet voi tat ca con tim va tam hon thon thuc duoi trang. Toi viet het nhung gi thoang qua tam tuong cho den khi guc dau co don cua quanh hiu cua tung dem mo uoc. Toi viet mai cho den khi tho nang ru nh nhu con gio thoang goi ve ben toi loi thi tham thuong nho. Cang viet toi thay tim toi nhu song day theo tung loi tho reo rat. Khong biet toi da yeu tu bao gio ma sao long tha thiet den vay. Giua con say, net muc tinh say dam goi nang: ” em yeu oi, nung niu nua di em…nung niu di em..cho tho anh run sau tuong nho mong em.Toi da yeu, toi da yeu dam da roi em oi.. “Nung Niu Nua di Em…voi rieng anh va mai mai em nhe…”

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