Coming Soon!! Save Yourself by Claudia Gabriela Felecan

Coming soon, the new title, Save Yourself, from a new ShieldCrest author Claudia Felcan.

Claudia came to the UK from an ex-communist country with a childhood filled with doctrines and fears.

In her book she wants to pass on the message that, no matter what you go through, it is important to show understanding and forgiveness in order to move forward.

Due to be released to the market mid to late May 19.


Right Back At You: Being Human in a Simulated Universe – Steve O’Grady

Introducing a new title, Right Back At You by author and Oxford University Press Bioscience Award winner Steve O’Grady.

Right back at you holds a magnifying glass to the mysteries of our minds, exploring how our human minds are immersed in simulation because the universe is a simulation. Fight your fear of death, banish ghosts and see your reflection in a mirror in a brand new light. mind your language when you speak of mental-illness and face your fears of infection and disease. Scrutinising stars, understanding black holes, challenging superheroes, decoding consciousness and awakening from our dreams are equally important steps on the journey. Referencing tv shows, movies, science journals, comic books, art and literature, the book examines why our conflicts with ourselves create who we really are.

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Also available in eBook format, please see the links below.

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Grid-Connected & Standalone Solar Systems Design – Phineas S. Malujwa

As promissed, the new technical publication is now available, Grid-Connected & Standalone Solar Systems Design written be Phineas S. Malunjwa MSc, born in Nyamandlovu District, near Bulawayo city, Zimbabwe, he obtained his Masters of Science degree (Electrical Eng.) in 1985.

He worked for 9 years as a senior electrical building services engineer in the Public Works Department (Zimbabwe) and was involved in the design and inspection of solar energy projects. In addition he organized and chaired meetings, on solar energy projects, with engineers from the Public Works Department (Zimbabwe) and the Department of Energy (Zimbabwe).
From 12th to 16th February 1996, Phienas participated in a UNESCO sponsored sub-regional workshop entitled “Renewable Energy Sources”, held at SIRDC (Scientific & Industrial Research & Development Centre), Harare, Zimbabwe.

Book Synopsis:

The production of solar electricity is not as straight forward as that of conventional 9781912505319Electricity. This fact is explained by Chapter 2 (2. The Sun’s Energy), in order to adequately equip the designer with the knowledge of how to make use of the available Sunlight. Solar Cell Technology and Solar Cell efficiency, for both crystalline silicon and thin film cells, are discussed and explained, with the aim of enabling the designer/installer to make a better judgement/understanding when selecting type of module to use.

A proper selection of P.V. components is very essential for the P.V. system to function properly and to produce the expected power output. Components for both grid-connected and standalone P.V. systems, are adequately discussed and explained to enable the designer/installer to make an informed decision in the selection of components for the P.V. System.

Possible power losses from the P.V. system have been pointed out and how these power losses can be mitigated, have been discussed and explained. Therefore, the designer will be able to evaluate the actual power output from the P.V. System. Examples are given, e.g. 3.2 Example 3, showing how to determine energy available to the consumer, and 3.3 Example 4, showing how to determine size of P.V. array (KW). Other examples worked out, for both grid-connected and Standalone P.V. Systems, show adequate detail to the designer/Installer, on how to achieve a properly designed and installed P.V. system.

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The Freeze Theory – Lisa Okello

As previously advertised, this book is from our youngest author to date, The Freeze Theory has been writen by 11 year old Lisa Okello.9781912505197

Lizzie used to live a normal life as a school girl until someone ruined it. That someone was Professor M. Samuels. When Professor Samuels announces that he’ll randomly pick someone to be his test subject, Lizzie is chosen and she’s not happy about it. Will her life go back to normal, or will it just keep getting weirder and weirder?

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New book coming soon – The Smell of Apricots by Dominic O’Sullivan

Another gem from short story writer Dominic O’Sullivan, this will be his 5th book published through ShieldCrest Publishing, one of which was a poetry book.

It follows in the footsteps of Icarus In Reverse, Undercover & Other Stories, Staircase To Heaven, and his book of poems, Shippea Hill.

Several stories from Dominic’s work have been performed on stage at the ADC Theatre Cambridge and Chocolate Factory in North London.

This new book The Smell Of Apricots is due for release in the next couple of weeks.

Living In Liguria – D.J. Maris

Introducing the new title from author D.J. Maris, Living In Liguria charts his move to Liguria, a crescent-shaped region in northwest Italy, its Mediterranean coastline known as the Italian Riviera.


With a very limited knowledge of the Italian language the author managed to settle into 9781912505166everyday life and pursue the activities of walking, cycling and exploring the architecture of both Liguria and places further afield. He expanded his experiences of the routine of shopping, the preparation of at least three different pasta dishes as well as inadvertently finding ways to be fined as he travelled by train. His spoken Italian did not get far beyond the important phrases of ‘due birra’ and ‘cappucino et brioches’ but he did learn to understand much of what he heard. In addition he travelled to other regions in Italy and the neighbouring countries of France, Switzerland and Austria.


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New book by our youngest author to date.

We are happy to announce the new book soon to be launched by our youngest author to date. This was previously achieved by 13 year old poet Peyush Gurung with his publication The Song Of Life.

The title now goes to our new author; 11 year old Lisa Okello whose book entitled The Freeze Theory will be out by the end of this month, June 18.

Watch this space for the launch announcement of The Freeze Theory by Lisa Okello.