The Emigrants – Glynn Sinclare

The Emigrants by Glynn Sinclare was released in November last year and has recieved good reviews on Amazon, we ask that if you have purchased and read the book through Amazon that you add your review, as with all our other publications, reviews mean a lot to the author.

If you haven’t read it here is some information on the book, it may strike a cord with some:


Marie travels to England from Ireland at the age of 17, she meets John, a 21 year old Caribbean immigrant and together they shape a life amongst the backdrop of 1960’s/70’s England. This is their story, a Pandora’s box of hardship, prejudice and cultural difference. With flashbacks to both the Caribbean and Irish lives they left behind and the people that shaped them.

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“Controlling the Beast Within” by Julie Evans now available

Being married to Ethan was going to be
anything but the normal quiet life Kat wanted.
Things had changed in more ways than one
and she loved it.
Things were looking good until they got back
from their honeymoon to find an invitation to
the reopening of the one place they both hoped
they would never see again.
Although Ethan would like nothing more than
for Kat to reconnect with her mother, he hoped
like hell she wouldn’t as it could only lead to
The problem was Kat’s mother is a vampire
and the mate of Antoine, Kieran’s brother and
former owner of Crimsons Moon.

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“Revelations” – The memoirs of Cheshire escort Robina Jax – getting a great deal of attention.

2016-06-27 - Front cover finalRobina’s lifting the lid on the escort world and its affects on her and her family has been getting a great deal of attention.

Available in both eBook and paperback for just £3.99 and £10 respectively and available in paperback at a special offer price direct from the author’s web page, have you had your copy yet?

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ISBN 9781911090205


ISBN 9781911090380

The Road to Belvedere by Jean Baptiste Popeau

9781911090090If you wondered what everyday Life in the Caribbean Island of the Commonwealth of Dominica was like you will find Jean Baptiste Popeau’s book intriguing.

How does a small island outside the mainstream tourist industry, selling itself uniquely as ‘the nature island of the Caribbean’, manage to survive in the capitalist system of today? What are the major social and economic issues facing the people of the island? These are some of the questions touched on by the author who also examines some of the issues that affect the island generally.

Popeau says; “If you want to know what it’s like to build a house in the Caribbean, I describe this in ‘Building in the Bush’, while taking leisure time to discuss some of the peculiarities which really do make Dominica ‘the nature island’”

The Road to Belvedere is available in both paperback and as an eBook.

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New eBook from Author Vijay Patel

Just a quick note to announce a new ebook from author Vijay Patel, watch out for the new title “Details Of The Bhagavad Gita  – Isckon Version”.

Hopefully due out late September, early October.

The paperback version is scheduled for later on this year.

More information to follow.

#bhadavadGita #Iskcon #vijaypatel

“All Mum’s Children” by Nathan Fellows – Book Update

Just a quick update on the title All Mum’s Children by Nathan Fellows.

Now available as an ebook for Kindle Here, other ebook formats available Here and Here.

Also available as a paperback:

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Johan Minto discovers the value of eBooks in marketing

As all new and unknown authors know, getting your book into the market is the first important step but getting the sales is the next and most difficult step but vital if your hope is to become a recognised author.

Author Johan Minto has written three thrillers based on historical events entitled:

“The Heliopolis Scrolls”  –  Paperback ISBN 978-0-9563623-1-5                                   eBook ISBN 978-1-910176-46-7

“The Jesse Tree”  –  Paperback ISBN 978-0-9563623-3-9                                             eBook ISBN 978-1-910176-47-4

“The Virtuous Saint”  –  Paperback ISBN 978-0-9558557-5-7                                          eBook ISBN 978-1-910176-45-0

After a great launch as we released each book, followed with loca radio and press interviews her book sales took off but after a while they began to tale off, which quite often is the case. Through our various Newsletters, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter material that we publish weekly, she decided to see if converting them to eBooks and re-publishing them would reinvigorate sales.  We released all three as eBooks, one after the other, during the last 3 months of 2014 and sales began to pick up almost immediately.

Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it.  Whereas an avid reader might not want to take a chance on an unknown author at £10, they might at £2.99.  Furthermore, if they enjoyed the first one, they’ll go back and get one of her others.

However, as with all media features, there’s no panacea that this will continue but her eBooks now reach a global market with instant download in a variety of formats so they can be read on a range of different eReaders making the sales opportunities greater and, as they say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Well done Johan.