John Maris – My Encounter with The Great Train Robbery: 55 Years Later, Man Who Discovered Robbers’ Secret Hideout Releases Memoir

Author John Maris’ ‘My Encounter with The Great Train Robbery – How I became a Marked Man’ tells the story of a fifty-year life in the wake of an unexpected yet profound discovery. Maris was the man who found the “Great Train Robbers’” secret hideout, 9781912505227spiraling his life into one of death threats, unwanted global fame and an eventual wrongful perjury charge. This is his story…told with uninhibited honesty.

This is a story of an alert member of the public who had his life and that of his family changed having notified the police of the whereabouts of the hideout of the Great Train Robbers. Within days his notoriety had spread worldwide and this began years of constant pressure, physical threats to him and his family, trauma and anxiety.

He had to take precautions at work in the hope of preventing an attack whilst working alone. Because of his careful detail in the evidence which he gave at the trial he was subjected to an attempt to frame him on a charge of perjury. Eventually he pondered the question, If a similar situation arose, would he act in the same way?

 “Life was simply never the same afterwards,” explains Maris. “What started as me reporting some strange behaviour on Leatherslade Farm to the Police descended into an endless barrage of threats. In fact, I was unable to leave my house without a wooden truncheon, that I felt I had to carry for protection.”

Continuing, “Of course, then the trial came, and I found myself being framed on a charge of perjury. It’s been an interesting five decades since that fateful day, and this is the first time I’ve told the story with such raw honesty and detail. It’s going to answer a lot of questions about my life, and those of the men who were responsible for the most fascinating crime in modern history.”

His book can be purchased:

  • ShieldCrest Publishing – Here
  • Amazon Books – Here
  • Google books – Here
  • Waterstones Books – Paperback – Here

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ISBN 9781912505227




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